Packing Options That You Can Use To Protect Contents in Your Shipment

While a right box and proper seal are the necessary things you need to ensure the safety of your product during shipping, you need to make sure that you have filled your box’s empty space with the right packing supplies to ensure proper protection of your product. Now, you may wonder how one could forget about filling the box with something which could provide appropriate cushioning to the items. Well, it’s not about ‘not filling’. It is actually about not using the appropriate packing supplies.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss about the packing options that you can use to protect your products during shipping.

Bubble wrap

Again, the use of right box is a must if you want your package to be delivered without letting any damage to be inflicted to the product inside the package. You want to make sure that the box is appropriately sized in such a way that it leaves some space for the cushioning of items to be ensured. In this scenario, you can consider using bubble wrap because a few layers of it can drastically reduce the chances of damage to the product.

You can buy bubble wrap in form of rolls, sheets and pouches. The sizes of bubbles may differ in different types of the bubble wraps. Larger sized bubbles can help in the need of heavy duty protection. And anti-static bubble wrap can be helpful in the protection of electronic items.

Foam fillers

For the better protection of the items with sharp edges during the shipping, you can use foam fillers. Supplies made of conventional foam are basically like bubble-wrap. So, they can protect the items in the same way as bubble wrap can do. The effectiveness of foam sheets is derived from the small bubbles in the sheet. The foam sheets are available with and without perforations; so you get multiple options to ensure better packaging of your items according to your preferences.

Loose fills and Kraft paper

When you are shipping something which is hollow from inside, you may need to protect it from breaking. Hollow items are usually fragile items which are mostly used for decorative purposes. So, the total integrity is what we mainly need for the protection of such items. The loose fill items such as packing peanuts are not only lightweight but they keep the hollow filled in order to avoid external pressure from breaking the item.

Kraft paper is another option for the filling of void. This paper is usually available in form of sheets which are less expensive with an amazing ability to resist the shocks.


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